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A lot of people are confused as to what exactly a 401(k) is. It’s complicated to individuals who aren’t experienced in their current job. Are you looking to own a house in the future? Your 401(k) can play a huge role when you buy a house. Here are some home loan rules if you plan on using your pension account.

401k home loan

Does your pension account have significance on your mortgage application? To assist you with what you put down on your house, a 401k can be utilized. There are some downfalls that could end up damaging you in the future. For instance, you leave the business where you could have used your 401k. You will need to pay this cash back to the company in two months or the IRS will give you a penalty. Look more into before you dive all in with your 401k.

Will 401k make an impact on getting approved?

Being obligated to set up a 401k can bring out a lot of questions regarding getting approved. This shouldn’t matter when it comes to you getting approved by your mortgage officers. 

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401k home loan rules

You may have heard of the strategy to utilize your 401k to help with the financial portion of home buying. This should not make an impact on getting approved. It is only a great way to get money because it is an account that you are saving into anyways. The biggest concern is to make sure that you don’t plan on quitting your job anytime in the near future. 

Utilizing a 401(k) to put money down for the first time?

Did you know that you can utilize your 401k and put it toward the money you’re putting down? This is an option if you are worried about not being able to afford the home. When your 401k builds up over time, you can put this money toward the lump sum you put down. 

Now that you understand the rules, what should you do now?

If you are still curious about the effects of a 401(k) or using funds from it, on a mortgage application, talk to our loan officers. They will be able to not only look into your full financial picture, but also walk you through the whole house financing process. Our trusted mortgage professionals will be your best friend through this. 

There is enough to stress about when it comes to your finances and applying for a home mortgage. Know that having concerns about your 401(k) with your mortgage application does not need to be one of them. You should feel equipped to proceed with your newly learned knowledge of 401(k) home loan rules and know you have support with us.

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