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First Home Buyer

What should be expected when buying a home for the first time?

Refinancing Loans

What’s the process of a refinancing loan?

Rent vs Buy

Should you buy or rent a home?

4 Reasons Your Home Didn’t Sell

Because the mortgage process is so complex, sellers are often left with their hands in the air. We talked to some of the best in the business. Download the Benchmark Mortgage eBook “4 Reasons No One Bought Your House” and discover how you can improve your chances of selling your home.

8 Tips for Stress Free Home Buying

Congratulations, you’re ready to buy a home! Download our free eBook, “8 Tips for Stress Free Home Buying” and discover what to expect during your home buying experience. Learn how much home you can afford, pro tips, determine what you need, and work smarter.

29 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Time to sell your home? Not sure how to get it to sell faster? Learn to generate appeal for you home inside and out. Discover the power of color, usage of space and atmosphere, and more. Download our “29 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast” today to get started!

The 20 FAQ’s of Short Sales

What is a short sale? Do you qualify? Do I have to be delinquent to get it? How long does it usually take? Where do I even begin? Short sales can be a stressful experience if you do not understand what it is you’re getting into. Download the Benchmark Mortgage eBook “20 FAQ’s of Short Sales” and discover the truth to this challenging loan scenario.

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Step 1

STEP 1 — Prequalifying for a Home Loan


Step 2

STEP 2 — Finding a Home


Step 3

STEP 3 — Getting a Home Inspection


Step 4

STEP 4 — The Home Appraisal


Step 5

STEP 5 — What is Underwriting?


Step 6

STEP 6 — Going to Closing


Step 7

STEP 7 — Funding the Loan