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The Majority of our business comes straight from realtors.

Our Realtor Partners provide esteemed partnerships with us and we earn their trust in knowing we will provide our mutual clients with an experience unlike any other.

Coaching workshops, check! Buyer scripts, check! Strategic Advantage Buyer, check!

Ryan doesn’t just look at each buyer as a transaction but truly makes a connective Partnership with his Realtor Partners. He provides the education the buyers want and that is what sets him apart in this industry. Realtors can feel confident about having their buyers work with The Ryan Grant Team. He and his team are ranked the #1 Lender in Orange County in production but more importantly, the highest rated in customer service and satisfaction and he is widely known and respected because of their reputation and performance in the local real estate community. He speaks with all of his clients prior to us looking for a property. Rates change daily, even hourly, but one thing you cannot put a price on is getting an offer accepted in this market all while receiving excellent customer service and ensuring a timely closing. Want to learn more about the experience your buyer and client will have when working with the Ryan Grant Team? Reach out to Ryan Grant or his Business Development Manager, Luke Kostka, today and come in for a “Client Experience Meeting” where you will see firsthand just what your client will come to expect and love about working with this professional organization.

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Ryan puts on monthly Coaching Workshops at our office to share industry related material with Realtors. Sign up for our free workshops by emailing Looking for guidance on how to get your offer accepted? Ryan is here to help. He has strategies in place to help you beat out even cash offers!

Want to close in 9 days? We can do it!

Our goal isn’t just to get your buyer a loan. It’s to provide you and your buyer with a More Educated, More Motivated, More Confident Home Buying Experience.

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