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Our team doesn’t just look at each buyer as a transaction but truly makes a connective Partnership with our Realtor Partners. We provide the education the buyers want and that is what sets us apart in this industry.

Realtors can feel confident about having their buyers work with The Ryan Grant Team. The team is ranked the #1 Lender in Orange County in production but more importantly, the highest rated in customer service and satisfaction and we are widely known and respected because of our reputation and performance in the local real estate community.

We speak with all of our clients prior to us looking for a property. Rates change daily, even hourly, but one thing you cannot put a price on is getting an offer accepted in this market all while receiving excellent customer service and ensuring a timely closing. Want to learn more about the experience your buyer and client will have when working with the Ryan Grant Team? Reach out to us or our Business Development Manager, Luke Kostka, today and come in for a “Client Experience Meeting” where you will see firsthand just what your client will come to expect and love about working with this professional organization.

Ryan Grant and his team are in a lender category all by themselves. Not only does he protect the best interests of my clients by doggedly pursuing best practices but even more importantly, he cares. He genuinely cares for his clients’ long term good. That is a rare trait in today’s “dog eat dog” real estate and mortgage industries. Have you ever heard of a lender spending the time and money to underwrite a buyer’s file BEFORE it goes into escrow? That extra risk on his part positions my clients to the front of the pack in multiple offers situations and makes them “as good as cash buyers”. And many times even better since my buyers have a better chance of closing because they are emotionally attached to the home. That gives my clients a leg up against all other buyers WITHOUT needing to spend more money! This is just ONE of many best practices that Ryan Grant does that pretty much no other lenders will do. What he has done is create mortgage practice that is an encapsulation of the future of all money lending. Professional practices combined with caring hearts. I’m honored to be partnered with Ryan as he attempts to break through old school practices and attitudes with new world skill and compassion.

-Ron Arnold, The Ron Arnold Team

I can't praise Ryan enough! He's amazing to work with, quick to respond, very accessible, facilitates a smooth loan process, walks all of our clients through every step thoroughly, he’s honest, up front, and fantastic with customer service. I have used his services for my personal properties, so I can speak from experience as well as on behalf of our clients who love him and his amazing team!

-Cesi Pagano, Cesi Pagano & Associates

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