Gather Documents

What Paperwork Will We Need?

In order to apply for a new mortgage, we will ask you to provide us with some documentation that we will need for the mortgage loan process. We will request a copy of your credit report from a credit agency and will verify the information provided in your loan application.

Be prepared to provide us with:

  • Social Security numbers for all borrowers
  • Copies of CHECKING and SAVINGS accounts statements for the past 2 MONTHS
  • Evidence of other ASSETS such as STOCKS, BONDS, or 401K
  • W-2 FORMS or INCOME TAX RETURNS for the past 2 YEARS
  • The NAME and ADDRESS of your EMPLOYER
  • RESIDENCE HISTORY for the past 2 YEARS
  • SALES CONTRACT for the purchase of a new home
  • HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION information (if applicable)