We offer our services to businesses and corporations across the country. We are not just “The Preferred Lender” for a company and its employees. We want to also be an educational partner that helps employers offer something unique and valuable to their employees. Every employee gets enrolled with all of the services of “The Art of Homeownership” and have the opportunity to participate in quarterly educational events. We provide discounted services to employees in many areas of their lives, not only mortgage-related.

Most, if not all, employers are highly focused on health and wellness. But did you know that the number one cause of illness and chronic disease is stress? And the number one cause of stress? Money. If we can help employees be more confident and create a financial and real estate plan, they will be less stressed and become healthier individuals.

In a recent study, employer workplace efficiency metrics were measured with two focus groups. The focus group that was more financially educated and stable had a 12% higher efficiency rating. This means that employers should want their employees to be educated and engaged when it comes to finance and real estate-related matters. This helps them set great targets and gives them the motivation to accomplish those goals.

Another workplace study unsurprisingly showed that the turnover rate of a company decreases substantially when their employees own homes that are in close proximity to their workplace. Even though it might be a little self serving, it’s beneficial for employers to help all their employees own a home. And if their home happens to be close to work, this makes it all the better for their commute.