Are you looking to buy your home in Orange County? The home-buying process can take up to six months, a year, or

Living in Orange County and need help saving money? Here are some tips to help you take control of your finances and as

Are you trying to sell a small home in Orange County? One of the biggest components that contribute to a successful sale

The process of getting out of debt may seem hard or tricky. It may even seem impossible when it comes to dealing

The kitchen may be one of the rooms in your home that is the easiest to get cluttered. Keeping your kitchen clean

Use this seller contribution chart to determine the maximum contributions a home or real estate seller can make toward a home purchase::

Your credit score is one of the most important aspects that determines how much you can qualify for when applying for a

It’s finally time for you to purchase a home and you’ve probably already found the ideal price and location, but there’s something

Getting a mortgage may seem like one of the hardest decisions and one of the most stressful components in the homebuying process.

Moving out is not as simple as just finding a new home, packing your things, and driving away. If you have decided

Have you thought about the different ways that you can finance your new home? There are many different types of loans and

You have just decided to sell your home. You are probably unsure of where to start, so here are some tips to

Benefits of FHA Home Loans

The first establishment of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was in 1934. This is the same period when the country was coming

Enough research will tell you that most loans are not transferable as a result of the “due on sale” clause on them.

Buying a home is no easy task. In fact, many people find it to be very stressing and taxing, let alone the

A closing disclosure form outlines the terms and costs that you incur in your mortgage. It is among the important pieces of

There are personal and professional reasons why you should consider making changes to your home in order to increase the value in

One of the most challenging tasks you may end up with at one or two points in your life is when you