Avoid These Red Flags for Vacation Rentals

If you are planning a vacation for a week or a family getaway for a few weeks during the summertime, you will need to find a great place to go. There are individuals who want to go to a resort, but other people want to go to the AirBNBs or similar places. When you go through the pretty pictures of the destinations and all that comes with it, it can be exciting to imagine yourself actually being there. You need to look for the appropriate room number and the red flags that could mess up your vacation. 

1. Does the destination have a lot of testimonials or reviews?

Most rental websites usually have previous guests leave a review on their stay. You need to look through the positive and negative reviews to get a good feel on the place. If there aren’t any reviews at all, there might be something fishy going on.

2. The photos are highly edited

If the destination looks highly edited and too good to be true, especially when the cost is cheap, this is most likely the case. The pictures are most likely edited and taken in an angle to make the space seem larger.

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3. The destination hardly has any photos

Most vacation destinations have photos that will either enhance or make the home look unattractive. A house that hardly has any photos can look suspicious. If there are less than five, this can be a red flag. You should be able to get a good look at what each room of the home looks like before you get there.

4. Is the destination on a lot of rental websites?

A vacation home that has a good reputation will most likely have great reviews on a single website. It could be fishy when the home is on a lot of rental websites. It is also suspicious when you see the same rental property on multiple websites because it could mean that the rental previously got bad reviews and is not real.

5. The vacation homeowner is asking you to pay outside the website

You should not pay the homeowner outside of the website you found it on. This could be a scam. The benefit of using a rental website is that your credit card is more protected if you pay through the site. 

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Courtesy of Cuselleration