Here Are 5 Issues That Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

When you sell your home, it the process can be lengthy and the buyer and seller can butt heads. The problems behind the transaction can seem huge. Read below to learn some of the small problems that can mess up your sale.

Missing cover plate on outlets

Have you resided in your house for awhile? If you haven’t already noticed, items can get damaged and you forget to fix them. For home buyers who view your home for the first time, this can be a big deal for them. Some of the most said comments for home sellers is to make sure that your outlets have cover places on them. Cover planes are typically missed in the laundry room, basement, and spaces that aren’t utilized often. You can repair this easily and inexpensively. 

Damaged blinds or curtains

Did you know that it’s common for blinds to be missing in a room? A home buyer typically views a house and wants to buy it right away. But during the last home walkthrough, a buyer might be bothers to find that the curtains are damaged and some blinds are missing. This will give them a bad taste in their mouth. The window attachments come with the home unless the contract says otherwise. A seller would like to have an agreement to fix the things that are messed up or missing. When the seller don’t agree to replace the items, this will sabotage the deal.

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Non-functioning detectors or lights

A home seller needs to prepare to make sure that the lights and smoke detectors are working and are loaded with batteries. You need to accommodate the home buyers and make them feel at home when they move in. This could sabotage the home sale if you don’t do this.

Smelly home and loose door knobs

This should feel like a tiny repair, but it makes a huge difference in terms of your home sale. A home seller lives in a home for years and fails to notice the small things that need repairing. A home seller needs to know the strategies to make a great impression when it comes to a potential buyer. 

Flooring that creaks

You need to test your floors and make sure that they don’t creak . This is specifically useful if you live in an older home. It’s imperative to do this. The flooring of old houses that is not level can turn off home buyers.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration