Here are 6 Tips to Build Home Equity

A percentage of the value of your house is home equity. This is the main way to earn money through having a house. Here are tips below on how to build home equity and gain access to it when you are in need of it.

How much wealth can you create from your home?

Home equity is easy to find when you initial purchase your home because it is only the amount you put down. For instance, when you put a down payment of eleven thousand dollars on a house that is two hundred twenty-five thousand dollars, the money you need to put down is approximately five percent. This will be your equity amount as well. 

In the last couple of years, most people who bought a home for the first time in America began with seven percent equity. This is good news because it shows that you do not need to wait to save to put twenty percent down on the home. 

Read these ways on how you can build equity on your home so that our loan officers can assist you in deciding what will benefit you the most.

1) Let your house’s value increase

When you build equity with the home appreciating, it can take quite a while. This will depend on the real estate market. When the prices of homes are going up in value, this increase in value has been a benefit for most people that own homes.

2) Put a lot down on the home

You should wait to save the money to put as much down as you can for your home. You should have a balance with your budget month to month and save up for your down payment. Our loan officers can give you a mortgage rate and information on the current real estate market to assist you with this.

3) Use your extra money

You need to use any extra money you have, from your work bonus to your inheritance to pay for your home loan. The more you pay down your home loan, the lower your balance will be with what you owe on the home. 

4) Make your home loan payment every two weeks

You should be able to may for your mortgage twice a month as opposed to the regular rate. When a year passed, this will add to thirteen payments every month as opposed to twelve. This will assist you in building wealth on your home rapidly.

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5) Cut the term of your mortgage by fifty percent

You should choose a fifteen-year mortgage as opposed to a thirty-year because this will help you build wealth on your home. You will end up having an increased monthly payment and might have a more difficult process when it comes to qualifying.

6) Make some renovations on your home

Did you know that putting in new features such as paint or upgrading your appliances can add equity to your house? The huge improvements such as remodeled kitchens and adding powder rooms can add a lot of equity. You need to make sure that the price of these upgrades will add equity to your home before doing them.

How you can use your equity

You need to borrow or sell your home to use your equity. The three most common way to get to your equity is through borrowing a home equity line of credit (otherwise known as HELOC). The other two ways are a home equity loan or a cash-out refinance.

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